One In A Melon ‘Sniff Whiff’ Mini Wax Melt

One In A Melon ‘Sniff Whiff’ Mini Wax Melt


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One in a Melon ‘Sniff Whiff’ wax melt is a delicate mix of sweet sun blushed Caribbean berries and fresh Melon.

This is one of Autumn Hill Boutique’s new ‘Sniff Whiff’ wax melt range. We use Soy wax as we feel it is the best option for wax melts because Soy does not release chemicals in to the air. The melting process is much cleaner and the fragrance lasts longer.

Scent rating 3 stars.

The melt is a 1oz pot.


Scent rating guide;

Our scent rating is a 1 – 5 star system, 1 star being a soft subtle fragrance and 5 star being a strong fragrance.


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